Q: Is there a registration fee?

A: No.

Q: I missed the registration period for the Twin Cities Marathon. Can I get into the race through you?

A: Absolutely. We have a limited number of registration codes available to runners who agree to join Team PAM. In return for a late registration code, we do ask that each runner commit to raising $350 for the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota.

Q: What do I get if I join Team PAM?

A: All participants in Team PAM are welcome to join us for a Fundraising Kickoff and then occasional happy hours and training runs. We will also send you a custom race training schedule in a spreadsheet designed to help hold you accountable as a runner. If you successfully raise $350 for the organization we will provide you with a custom designed Team PAM running shirt.

Q: Does joining Team PAM register me for a race?

A: No. You are responsible for registering for whatever race you want to participate in. If you sign up with Team PAM for the Twin Cities Marathon we will provide you with a registration code, but you will still be responsible for completing your registration.

Q: Can I be part of Team PAM even if I’m not ready to run the Twin Cities Marathon.

A: Absolutely. We welcome athletes of all kinds to participate with Team PAM and to attend any activities put on.

Q: Is there a minimum fundraising requirement?

A: For Team PAM runners taking advantage of our late registration codes we do require that they raise $350. For other runners there is no fundraising requirement, but we encourage you to set your sights high! If you raise $350 we will provide you with a custom designed Team PAM running shirt.

Q: Is a contract required?

A: We do ask that all Team PAM participants sign a Liability Waiver to protect the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota and for those who are using one of PAM’s late registration codes, they will be required to complete a Pledge Form.

If you’ve got a question we missed feel free to email or call Will O’Keefe at or 651.293.9047 x2.