Sites Worth Saving


* Limited number of designated Sites, determined by availability of PAM staff resources and fundraising support. Click here for Sites Worth Saving program application form.

  1.  development of comprehensive action plan to guide PAM and local efforts
  2. featured at PAM’s annual (Anti)Wrecking Ball
  3. ongoing publicity via PAM website, blog, magazine, and social media
  4. focused training and strategic planning assistance
  5. up to 4 complimentary registrations to all PAM-sponsored trainings (including Main Street and Real Estate Assistance Program trainings)
  6. dedicated PAM staff and volunteer support (up to 100 hours staff assistance without Fiscal Sponsorship in place; additional hours per terms of a Fiscal Sponsorship agreement)
  7. opportunity to develop a Fiscal Sponsorship to build local fundraising capacity and leadership development (Fiscal Sponsorships provide increased PAM staff involvement in exchange for a percentage of fundraising proceeds)
  8. professional-caliber photography services
  9. featured in PAM’s promotional materials


* Requires a community contribution of at least $200; no limit to number of program participants. Click here for Places of Interest membership form.

  1. up to 6 hours dedicated PAM staff time
  2. listing on PAM website
  3. limited social media coverage
  4. opportunity for inclusion in PAM blog
  5. reduced rates for PAM trainings and events
  6. additional PAM staff support available as Fee for Service, or with development of Fiscal Sponsorship


Click here to take a look at our program fast facts sheet!