Student Design Forum

We held our Student Design Forum on Tuesday, November 29th at Landmark Center. Students from the University of Minnesota course – Saving Minnesota: 10 Buildings at a Time presented adaptive reuse proposals from sites listed on the 2011 10 Most Endangered Historic Places list to an audience of interested citizens, advocates, design professionals and fellow students. Our jury, made up of three preservation and design professionals gave out three awards that evening in the categories of Best Preservation Award, Best Reuse Award, and Best Creative Solution Award. These presentations are an interesting look into the potential that fresh eyes and a little creativity can provide for sites that too many have written off as lost causes.

The fourth award that we would like to give out is based on public voting. So with that in mind, we ask the question “which proposal would you most like to see come to fruition?” 

The voting will be open from Tuesday, November 29th until Wednesday, December 7th. We’ll announce the winners on Thursday. Voters may vote for more than one project, but may not vote more than once for a single project.

Each link will include two slideshows – the board and the presentation for each proposal.

Kristina Laskowski – Pillsbury A Mill

Natascha Sulaeman & Lauren Walker – Mayowood Historic District

Justin Pille – Jackson Street Water Tower

Brittany Schomaker & Amanda Marcott – Fergus Falls RTC

Elle Poppe & Emily Richardson – Pillsbury A Mill

Travis Herr – Mitchell Yards

Kate Seybold & Kristin Lundquist – Mayowood Historic District

Marais Bjornberg – Howe School

Cara Prosser & Katie Benz – Saint Peter’s Catholic Church

Tiana Carretta – Pillsbury A Mill

This program was made possible by support from Target