Why Historic Windows Matter:

Top Ten Reasons to Restore or Repair Wood Windows from the New England Restoration Alliance.

Windows Energy Analysis by Keith Haberern (Professional Engineer).

Testing the Energy Performance of Wood Windows in Cold Climates

A Report to The State of Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, Agency of Commerce and Community Development by Brad James, Andrew Shapiro, Steve Flanders and Dr. David Hemenway, 115 pages.

What Replacement Windows Can’t Replace: The Real Cost of Removing Historic Windows by Walter Sedovic and Jill H. Gotthelf.

Windows Aren’t Always A Clear Path for Savings – In Quest to Boost Energy-Efficiency, Small Changes Might Have Bigger Payoff by Terri Rupar, Washington Post Staff Writer.

137 Things Window Companies Won’t Tell You About Vinyl by the Homeowner’s Defense League, 2006.

A Technical History of Late Nineteenth Century Windows in the United States” by Susan Swiatosz, Bulletin of the Association for Preservation Technology, Vol. 17, No. 1 (1985), pp. 31-37.


How to Repair or Restore Historic Windows:

This Old House

Wood Window Repair and Restoration Specifications by Cleary and Son, Inc.

Window Repair, Inc.

The Kansas SHPO recently produced five short window repair videos and placed them on YouTube in the hopes of reaching a larger audience.

John Leeke’s Historic HomeWorks Forum –  The  windows forum allows open communication with others on a variety of historic projects.

If you are interested in an historic window contractor, here is a beginning list (and this is by no means exhaustive) of companies that can assist your project.


Additional Resources:

National Trust for Historic Preservation


Historic Wood Windows tip sheet.

National Park Service

The National Park Service offers Preservation Publications (some FREE OF CHARGE) to help with planning and preservation projects. You may request up to FIVE publications free of charge. Please send an e-mail to with your mailing address and list of requested materials.

Preservation Tech Notes (not available online)

  • Please note: No. 1-9 ONLY available for purchase in The Window Handbook: Successful Strategies for Rehabilitating Windows in Historic Buildings.
  • No. 10:  Temporary Window Vents in Unoccupied Historic Buildings. Charles Fisher and Thomas Vitanza. (1985)
  • No. 11:  Installing Insulating Glass in Existing Wooden Sash Incorporating the Historic Glass. Charles Fisher. (1985)
  • No. 13:  Aluminum Replacement Windows with Sealed Insulating Glass and Trapezoidal Muntin Grids. Charles Parrott. (1985)
  • No. 17:  Repair and Retrofitting Industrial Steel Windows. Robert M. Powers. (1989)
  • No. 19:  Repairing Steel Casement Windows. Chad Randl.  (2002)
  • No. 20:  Aluminum Replacement Windows for Steel Projecting Units with True Divided Lights and Matching Profiles. Chad Randl. (2003)
  • No. 21:  Replacement Wood Sash Utilizing True Divided Lights and an Interior Piggyback Energy Panel. Charles E. Fisher. (2008)
  • No. 22:  Maintenance and Repair of Historic Aluminum Windows. Kaaren R. Staveteig. (2008)

Preservation Briefs (available online)

  • No. 3:  Conserving Energy in Historic Buildings. Baird M. Smith, AIA. (1978)
  • No. 9:  The Repair of Historic Wooden Windows. John H. Myers. (1981)
  • No. 11:  Rehabilitating Historic Storefronts. H. Ward Jandl. (1982)
  • No. 12:  The Preservation of Historic Pigmented Structural Glass (Vitrolite and Carrara Glass). (1984)
  • No. 13:  The Repair and Thermal Upgrading of Historic Steel Windows. Sharon C. Park, AIA. (1984)
  • No. 17:  Architectural Character – Identifying the Visual Aspects of Historic Buildings as an Aid to Preserving Their Character. Lee H. Nelson, FAIA. (1988)
  • No. 33:  The Preservation and Repair of Historic Stained and Leaded Glass. Neal A. Vogel and Rolph Achilles. (1993, updated 2007)
  • No. 37:  Appropriate Methods of Reducing Lead-Paint Hazards in Historic Housing. Sharon C. Park, AIA, and Douglas C. Hicks. (1995, updated 2006)

Secretary of Interior’s Standards for windows

Window Preservation Standards Collaborative

Window Preservation Standards Collaborative

Preservation Alliance of Minnesota

Make sure you watch the Sustainability tab on this website for up-to-date information on preservation and sustainability.

If you are interested in an historic window contractor, here is a beginning list (and this is by no means exhaustive) of companies that can assist your project.