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We’re Moving a House!

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Check back – photos and videos of the move to be added soon!


447 Smith Avenue, St. Paul Moving to 41 Douglas Street, St. Paul

Move date:  Monday September 21st, 2015

Built in 1874 and moved to Smith Avenue in 1897

The move to Douglas Street will allow for a complete rehab of the Stone Saloon property on Smith Avenue and will include a full rehab of the property at its new location, a preservation easement by PAM, and ultimate resale to private owner

PAM real estate tool:  Purchase Option

Project Partners:

  • House donated by Stone Saloon
  • Contractor: Charles Browning of Charlie’s Angle, LLC
  • House Moving Contractor: Jepsen, Inc.
  • Saint Paul HRA Inspire Communities Program
  • Little Bohemia Neighborhood Association
  • West Seventh Street Federation
  • Dave Thune, St. Paul City Councilmember


In December 2014, we announced the implementation of PAM’s first real estate purchase option. The property, an 800-square-foot cottage at 447 Smith Avenue in St. Paul, was owned by a longtime neighborhood resident and PAM supporter. He is in the midst of rehabbing the historic Stone Saloon right next door. With the two buildings nearly on top of one another, the owner wished to preserve the 140-year-old cottage but move it off of the property to allow for a complete rehab of the Stone Saloon. Learn more about the revitalization of the saloon as a “nanobrewery” and taproom.

PAM put a purchase option on the property, buying time to find an interested buyer who could move and rehab the building at its new location. And boy, did we find one! Charlie Browning of Charlie’s Angles, LLC took on the property. Charlie has experience rehabbing homes throughout the Twin Cities. (Check out the Star Trib’s profile on Charlie).

Through the St. Paul HRA’s Inspiring Communities program, we found a vacant lot within the neighborhood where the house could be moved. After months of preparation, the house is finally moving to its new home with the help of moving contractor, Jepsen, Inc.!

Stay tuned to PAM’s facebook page and newsletters for upcoming volunteer opportunities at the new site on Douglas Street.  Check out our other Real Estate tools for more options in how PAM can help with old properties around the state.