Preserve Minneapolis, Minneapolis



Preserve Minneapolis tour of the Grain Belt Brewery Complex (Courtesy of Will O'Keefe)

Education and advocacy are two of the cornerstones of historic preservation, helping to build knowledge and appreciation of historic places among the general public.  Since 2004, Preserve Minneapolis has played an instrumental role in these efforts in Minneapolis, through newsletters, a website, seminars, tours, calls to action, and public events.  Guided by a Board of Directors with backgrounds in design, architecture, history, heritage preservation, city planning, writing, marketing, and photography, Preserve Minneapolis has become a local leader in preservation advocacy.  Beyond its preservation agenda, the organization collaborates with residents, governmental units and businesses to address broader community issues such as gentrification, housing foreclosures and community economic development.

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota recognizes Preserve Minneapolis as an “emerging leader” both for its pioneering efforts in filling a void in neighborhood-based preservation efforts in Minneapolis, and for its on-going evolution in mission, scope, and action.  The organization continues to evolve to stay abreast of current preservation issues and their relationship to community livability.  For example, it is currently expanding its fundraising efforts so that it can continue to partner with other organizations on future community projects.  Preserve Minneapolis has proven that it can be nimble in responding to preservation issues, thorough and informed in its understanding of the issues, and strategic in galvanizing community action.  We look forward to watching this “emerging leader” grow.

An amazing tour of the historic Cedar Square West (Courtesy of Will O’Keefe)

Preserve Minneapolis Board: John Stark, Lee Ann Gustafson, Steve Budas, Ann Calvert, Elizabeth Gales, Chuck Liddy, Tammy Lindberg, Pete Sieger, Will O’Keefe, Douglas Mack, Bayard Engelhardt