North Loop (Minneapolis) Pub Crawl

We hope you can join us to explore the North Loop neighborhood and its historic drinking establishments at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, November 20th. We’re planning on visiting Club Jaeger (a former Gluek’s bar), The Loop, and we’ll be adding more bar to our list.

Join us for a few drinks, some food and maybe even a little learning along the way. At each stop, we’ll talk a little about the history of the buildings and the very unique and ever changing North Loop neighborhood. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other people interested in preservation and drinking — we’re sure it will be quite the group.

Our pub crawls tend to average between 30-50 people in attendance. So it’s important you sign up now and encourage your friends to join us.

If you want to reserve a spot now, you can purchase your tickets below:

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