Magazine Designer

Organization Overview: The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota is the only statewide, private, non-profit organization advocating for the preservation of Minnesota’s historic resources. PAM was established in 1981 by citizens concerned about the loss of irreplaceable segments of our state’s heritage: structures, neighborhoods, community fabric.

Description: We are seeking a volunteer to serve as our Designer for The Minnesota Preservationist, this is our quarterly magazine that goes out to all members. Each issue has two pages in color (the front and back) and consists of 20 pages. Our designer will work closely with our Communication & Programs Coordinator and our Communications Committee Chair to ensure that consistency of quality and scheduling is maintained.

The Communication & Programs Coordinator will compile all articles, photos and related materials for the Magazine Designer to download via a file storage site. The Designer would be asked to layout the articles, photos, acknowledgements into a rough draft form. It will be reviewed by a professional proofreader, the Communication & Programs Coordinator and Committee Chair to ensure quality and then the file will be uploaded to our printer.

There will be training provided by our current Magazine Designer on the template currently in place. This is work that can be done from home on your schedule, within the general framework set forward. We believe that this is a collaborative process and look forward to working with any potential volunteer.

Time Commitment: We estimate that this work will take about 20 hours each quarter (normally within a 2-3 week span). The magazine design process normally occurs in January, April, July and October.

Skills Needed: We are looking for someone comfortable using Adobe’s Creative Suite – in particular InDesign. Candidate should also be familiar with Adobe Photoshop, or another photo editing software, in order to enhance images or determine appropriate image quality for images in the magazine. The selected candidate would have to have personal access to the software or be able to commit to time in our office.

Please email Will O’Keefe at with your Letter of Interest. If you have any questions feel free to call or email.