Legacy Funds

Minnesota Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Grants

When Minnesota voters passed the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, the state legislature created the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, a portion of which was appropriated to the Minnesota Historical Society for history-related projects around the state. One of those new initiatives is the Statewide Historical and Cultural Grants program.  Grants are available for historic preservation projects in the following categories: evaluation; heritage tourism and public education; historic properties; National Register nominations; preservation planning; and survey and inventory.  This grant program is funded by the State of Minnesota; grants are awarded on a competitive basis dependent on available State funding.

Contact: Mandy Skypala, Grants Office, 651-296-5478, mandy.skypala@mnhs.org


Update: In February of 2011, the University of Minnesota Extension Center for Community Vitality completed a report looking at the impact of the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund money managed by the Minnesota Historical Society. You can read the complete report here, for just the highlights read below:

Highlights of the Economic Analysis of
Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

The analysis found:

  • Spending on projects from the Fund was $22 million and it generated another $20.3 million in output or sales effects for a total of $41.6 million in the Minnesota economy. 
  • Employment in full- and part-time jobs from the initial Fund expenditures was approximately 244 jobs. The respending by the people in those jobs with suppliers for the projects and household consumption using income earned to complete the projects supported another 160 jobs for a total of 404 jobs. 
  • Value added including employee compensation, proprietor income, property income (rents and leases) and indirect business taxes comprised approximately 57% of the expenditures or $12.2 million and after its effects were multiplied in the economy another $12.1 million was received by businesses owners, employees and government for a total of $24.3 million. 
  • Spending from the Fund affected 408 of the 418 or 97.6% of the sectors in the Minnesota economy.