Duluth Armory Redevelopment Opportunity

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The Armory Arts and Music Center, a Minnesota 501c3 nonprofit (the “AAMC”), as the owner of the property is pleased to issue this Request for Proposals seeking qualified respondents to rehabilitate, operate and acquire (if so inclined), the Duluth Armory property. There is also a secondary property as well, it currently has a single building on it, a former restaurant; that is now available for rehabilitation, new construction or for parking expansion. Exhibit A is a map of the site.

The AAMC intends to select one proposal for the rehabilitation of the Duluth Armory from the Respondent(s) deemed the best qualified to achieve the AAMC’s development objectives, which are described in the RFP. Please note, the AAMC development objects are considered to be a target. Each Respondent must put forward a project that will first and foremost function as a sustainable building in the community – the AAMC will remain open to proposals that can not meet all of the Programmatic Goals. 

The key dates for this offering and anticipated schedule for the selection of Respondent(s) are below. All times in this RFP are local to Duluth, Minnesota.

 RFP Schedule

Interested parties are responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with the contents of all portions of this RFP, all other documents to which this RFP refers and all appendices and addenda. Available background and existing condition information for the building and site is on the project website. All appendices and any later addenda are included and incorporated into this RFP.

Please email or call Will O’Keefe, Real Estate Coordinator with the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota, if you have any questions.

Request For Proposals
Additional Background Information

c/o Preservation Alliance of Minnesota
Attn: Will O’Keefe
75 W 5th Street, 416 Landmark Center, Saint Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651.293.9047 •  Cell: 612.877.2380

 This RFP has been created by the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota on behalf of the Armory Arts & Music Center.