g. Preservation Related Products and Resources

Community Commercial Kitchen Guide

Old buildings can be great incubators of small businesses, including those that produce food for public sale in stores. Communities sometimes work together to create a shared commercial kitchen to give more people access to a place to prepare their food at an accessible rate. “The Community Commercial Kitchen Regulation Guide” is now available at […]

Learning Cemetery Preservation

Hi! I’m Zack Mohlis. I’m a new intern at here at PAM. I’m very excited to be a part of this wonderful organization. This fall and winter, I’ll be working on various things here and there, but my main project is the February Heart Bombing campaign. I’m coordinating a way for all of us old-building-lovers […]

Preservation Related Products

Much like the importance of experienced architects and contractors are to preservation projects, so too are the products and materials. For that reason, if you are a company, business, or individual producing or supplying preservation related products, contact us! We’d love to include your information in our list of resources. Who knows, you might just […]

Minnesota Websites, Blogs, and Links

Preservation activity happens all around us, and is reported by all kinds of people and organizations in Minnesota and beyond. Check out the PAM blog and these others for information, insight, and inspiration. Preservation Nation – the blog of the National Trust for Historic Preservation http://blog.preservationnation.org/Northfield Construction Company – posts photos and descriptions of some of their residential remodeling […]