About the Brand


For twenty years the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota (PAM) has been well represented by the logo modeled on an architectural detail from the St. Paul Building, the first building on which we held a preservation easement. 2011 marked PAM’s 30th anniversary and we celebrate our achievements represented by that logo; a legacy of historic landmarks saved, tools created, and advocates empowered. It is time for PAM to look forward and chart a new course for future successes through increased capacity and effectiveness. It is a new era for preservation in Minnesota and PAM is focused on the historic places we will save. As we embark on our next thirty years, it is important to have a brand that expresses this desire for growth and continued success. The brand you see before you represents our mission, our ideals, and our future.

PAM’s new logo articulates our mission looking forward as we preserve the past. Let us explain how the symbols in the new brand reflect the mission that you support.

A shield is a common symbol of protection. Shields of wood and metal have protected armies in battle for millennia, providing both a defensive and offensive tool toward victory. We chose the graphical element of a shield to surround our name because it visually represents our mission to protect historic resources throughout Minnesota. Like a shield, PAM applies its tools in both a proactive and reactive mode based on the strategy that will mitigate the threat to ensure victory.

PAM’s successes are directly attributed to those who make our work possible. As a nonprofit organization, our capacity to deliver mission-driven services is due to in-kind and financial support provided by a broad network of stakeholders. The four lines at the center of the logo represent the donors, volunteers, partners, and local advocates that combined create the foundation supporting our work.

The color green was chosen because it articulates the powerful energy of nature, growth, and a desire to expand. As a statewide organization, PAM strives to reach out to and empower citizens from every corner of Minnesota. We seek to grow the network of active preservationists empowered with the knowledge we have seeded and the tools we’ve cultivated. Balance and a sense of order are also found in the color green. Citizens, decision-makers, property owners, and our partners can access our knowledge and experience to help find a balanced solution that ensures the preservation of our historic resources and fosters community growth. Green is also keenly associated with sustainability and environmentalism. Our work is key to natural resource conservation, environmental stewardship, and sustainable design; as we say, “The greenest building is the one already built.” –Carl Elefante, AIA

We chose the color orange because it is an inspiring color representing liveliness, zest, and energy. Orange is mentally stimulating and its vibrant hue gets people talking. It evokes thoughts of hope, survival, energy, and warmth. We aim to be a source of hope and energy as we work in tandem with citizens and communities to preserve irreplaceable historic places. PAM seeks to get communities talking about the historic places that promote our unique quality of life and how to protect them into the future.

In its new brand, PAM will also employ three statement graphics to inspire additional thought about our core mission principles: to preserve, protect, and promote Minnesota’s historic resources. Arrows are utilized to imply the action PAM takes to achieve its mission areas.

To preserve is to save something for the future. The idea of taking something in and guarding it for future use is represented by inward arrows.

To protect is to defend something valuable from harm. The continuous rotation of arrows represents this perimeter of defense around our irreplaceable historic resources.

To promote is to contribute to the process of growth and renewal. The outward arrows represent the idea of spreading and releasing ideas, information, and knowledge.