Preservation United Broomball Recap: 1/27/2015

The recap from this week comes courtesy of our entire team – each player picked another and wrote their individual assessments of a teammate.
Slick ice. Warm temperatures. Last game of the season. Could have aligned to form the perfect storm but we were brave. Despite the conspicuous absence of our fearless leader, Cap’n Crunch, we weathered on and sailed the USS P.U. to another well-fought victory (5-4).
 We knew we were in for a hard fought game.
Doug remained a stalwart in front of the offensive goal – his offense improves weekly with more shots and more time of possession. For those of you who worried, fear not, “Snow Angel” returned this week for at least one fleeting moment.
Anne proved once again that she is one of our most faithful and dedicated volunteers, as she played all but the final two minutes of the game. Whether on offense or defense, Anne disrupted the opposing team’s passes, keeping the ball in play and her body mostly off the ice. A few shots on goal, a few well-placed passes – further signs of Anne’s growth as a player and a valued member of Team P.U.
Erin has bruises from head to toe that prove her dedication for a team win. Her  flips and acrobatics on the ice distracted our opponents and allowed our team to score multiple goals. Make sure to congratulate Erin on the victory, but please no pats on the back until the bruises are gone.
Matt made a pre-game “Babe Ruth” call that he would score a goal this game for PU and he did not disappoint!! Showing his cat-like reflexes in defense and forcing several turnovers along with his quick offensive skills he had several shots on goal and finally, with an impressive assist from Will that made it look like they’d practiced it several times, he scored PU’s 4th goal! His dedication to PU has been invaluable this season!
Emily demonstrated resolve coming off last weeks wrist injury,  sadly her resolve as regards this gracious wound was not rewarded by fortune with a goal.   Emily did do a much better job not getting the ball the moment she got it and thus causing a turnover.  Now she needs to work on her early warning and action sequencing skills.  Matt was extremely confused when Emily warned him of an incoming pass 5 seconds after it reached him.  Time warp Northey clearly was expecting teammates to bend space and time to catch her passes.
Josh continuing his pattern of blocking nearly every goal through speed and predictive-ness. His abilities were taxed by an outgoing respiratory illness, his teammates shots on the goal, and the opposing team’s speed and dexterity. Josh supported the team with timely advice and strategy.
Thank you to everyone who participated this season. It’s been a great season and P.U. would not be the same without each of you. We look forward to seeing you again soon (come out for our Heart Bombing Kickoff on February 9th)!

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