Isn’t putting hearts on your house how we all show love?

I love my new old house. In fact, I love it so much that I’m going to Heart Bomb it! For the week of Valentine’s Day, the PAM crew and I will shower my little home in NE Minneapolis, built in 1947, with a paper hearts, banners and yard signs. Sure, chocolate and roses are nice, but I think Heart Bombing really takes the holiday to a new level.

IMG_3192My home is in the Audubon Park neighborhood of Northeast. The neighborhood borders are Central Ave, Lowry Ave, Stinson Blvd and St. Anthony Pkwy. Our commercial center is at 29th and Johnson, where you can find a pizza place, coffee shop, bakery, craft store, and thrift stores. Along Central Ave, there’s a fabulous Ecuadorian restaurant, a food co-op and even a brewery! One of the reasons I moved to this area was its accessibility to work, friends and family, and its walkability to parks, restaurants and coffee. The coffee is a must. I’m only a few blocks from the intersection of Central and Lowry, where a world of food (Middle Eastern, Mexican, Thai, you name it) is at my fingertips. We bought our home in September of 2014 so while I’m still exploring the area block by block, I literally say, at least once a week, “I really love our neighborhood!”

My neighborhood consists of homes that are similar in age to mine, but what I love most is the variety of styles of homes and the type of people that live in them. Each house on the block looks different than the next. Some of our neighbors are younger single folks or couples, renters or homeowners. Some of our neighbors are living in the homes they grew up in, either having never left at all, or left and came back. To me, leaving and coming back speaks volumes.

I’m not just Heart Bombing my house because I spent a year working for the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota. I’m doing this because I love the character my old home has and I want to remind my neighbors that we live in a great place, that we should remember to celebrate the cool old homes that make our neighborhood have its character. If Heart Bombing my home starts that conversation, bring it on!

Interested in showing your home or favorite building some love? Check out our Heart Bombing page to learn more. And consider coming to celebrate for one night only, show the love by joining us on Monday, February 9th at the Lyn-Lake Brewery for our Kick Off Celebration!

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