Get Ready to Love Some Old Buildings


The winter holidays are creeping up and New Year’s is just around the corner, but I just can’t help but be excited for Valentine’s Day and Heart Bombing!

Last year’s Heart Bombing event was a great success, and this year will build on that success by extending this lovely event throughout Minnesota. People across the state will join up with PAM and other people who love old buildings as we all Heart Bomb old places across Minnesota to show how much we value their contributions to our communities.

If you didn’t get to see last year’s Heart Bombing initiative, Heart Bombing is a blend of preservation and public art. By crafting dozens of Valentine’s hearts and affixing them to your historic property or an old building you love, you can create an eye-catching installation that will be noticed and adored by anyone who sees it. By doing this, we can show our appreciation for an old building and show the people in the community how much these buildings add value to our neighborhoods, our cities, and our lives.


The practice originated in Buffalo, New York, where preservationists used Heart Bombing to shine a light on historic buildings scheduled for demolition. Since then, communities across the country have adapted the Heart Bombing practice to highlight beautiful old buildings that they love. For us, this isn’t about saving buildings from imminent wrecking balls, but about showing our love for the buildings we have. Old buildings provide cultural, aesthetic, and economic value to our communities and this is a great way to show neighbors, community leaders, and the public just how much we appreciate them.

In 2014, we brought Heart Bombing to the Twin Cities by bombing five properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul. This year, we’re asking more people across the state to join us by Heart Bombing old buildings in their community. We have resources and advice for any hopeful Heart Bombers who would like to bring this wonderful initiative to their community by Heart Bombing a building of their own.

Stay tuned to PAM’s 2015 Heart Bombing initiative and consider adding your historic property or an old building you love to the ranks of beloved and Heart-clad buildings across the state this Valentine’s Day! You can express your interest by filling out this form and we’ll send you more information on how to get involved.

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