We’re headed to Ely…


…and not just to see the wolves.

We’re thrilled to announce that the Ely Community Center Foundation has contracted with us to assist them in their efforts to revitalize the Ely Community Center.

In the coming months, the Ely Public Library will be vacating the Ely Community Center for a new space in town. While that leaves a major void, it also presents an exciting opportunity to explore other uses for this wonderful Art Moderne building that was constructed with assistance from the Public Works Administration in 1938 as part of the New Deal.

The Ely Community Center Foundation was created earlier this year, in response to fears about the future of the Ely Community Center. There had been a lot of talk in the community about what might lie ahead both negative and positive; a group of interested citizens gathered together around the idea that the Ely Community Center is vital to the future of the city and that they can help lead the effort to revitalize.

We’ll be working closely with the Ely Community Center Foundation  to prioritize and assess the current vision for the Community Center. This would include exploring different uses, acquisition strategies and initial funding strategies in order to best prepare the Ely Community Center to move forward with the City of Ely on the property.

The Ely Community Center Foundation has put out a press release regarding our partnership.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about the Ely Community Center building, click here.

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