A New Site Worth Saving: Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church

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Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis is the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota’s newest Site Worth Saving.  A new partnership between PAM, the Church, and the Redeemer Restoration Project is intended to help more people enjoy the space, sustain, use, and grow the restoration fund, and develop intimate connections between the people and the space.  Through Sites Worth Saving, PAM will play an active and long-term role in the preservation of this Prairie school masterpiece.  Ideally, PAM’s involvement will inspire more preservation in the neighborhood and help people create life-long memories at this historic place.

Project and Property Background

Originally known as Stewart Memorial Presbyterian Church, extremely rare example of a Prairie style Church was designed by Minneapolis architects, William Gray Purcell and George Feick in 1909.  When constructed, the congregation wanted a new building that promoted worship without mimicking the traditional church forms.  The building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

The Project and PAM

Nearly one year ago, the Board of the Redeemer Restoration Project approached PAM to see how they could transfer their mission, Preservation Agreement, and Restoration Fund to an organization that they trusted and had a similar mission.  PAM and our new Sites Worth Saving program were a perfect fit.

Sites Worth Saving is a community development program dedicated to saving significant historic sites that face threats or ongoing preservation challenges to their preservation.  Through this program, PAM staff and volunteers provide hands-on support to local efforts.  We help create preservation solutions by partnering with concerned local citizens to develop a unique strategic vision and action plan, and we engage in activities to build capacity for preservation.

Continued maintenance of the church, space programming, and fund development were all identified as ongoing challenges where PAM could lend a helping hand.Redeemer - 3

The Church and PAM

Of utmost importance to all stakeholders was the sustainability and continued existence of the Restoration Fund.  After 15 years of preservation projects, the fund has been wisely used and the time is right for a new infusion of energy into the restoration of this grand church.  To develop revenue streams for the fund, PAM and the Church developed and signed a Joint Use Agreement.

Through the Joint Use Agreement, PAM will play a vital, fund-generating role at Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church.  PAM plans to program the space in three distinct ways.  The parlor and classroom space will primarily be used as a co-work space.  Organizations of different shapes and sizes can sublease space from PAM at Redeemer for work stations, meetings, educational seminars, and board sessions.  The convenient location, ample parking, and unique space will make this building a hot commodity.

PAM plans to program special events in the space.  The sanctuary space is ideal for performances.  The intimate space with extraordinary acoustics will prove to be an asset for the continued growth of the fund and enhance the long standing relationship between historic places and the arts.

PAM also plans to hold volunteer work parties so PAM’s members, neighbors in the community, and the congregation can come together to show some love for this outstanding piece of architecture while developing relationships with people that care for the building, the programs of the church or both.

Stay Tuned

PAM is thrilled to join forces with Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church through the Sites Worth Saving program.  There is a strong legacy of preservation at this building and everyone is reinvigorated to continue that trend.

Programming at Redeemer is anticipated to start this summer with tours and space subleasing.  Spread the word about this great building and let people know that they can contact PAM about using the space for events, meetings, and work space.

A free tour and celebration for original members of the Redeemer Restoration Project and PAM members is being planned for this summer so make sure to register for that event to view this incredible space and hear how you can help this preservation effort grow and succeed.

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