Call for Nominations for Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Awards

Preserve Minneapolis, the American Institute of Architects Minneapolis, and the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission invite nominations of outstanding projects for the 22nd Annual Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Awards.

The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Awards recognize projects, individuals, and organizations that celebrate, preserve, and enhance the city’s heritage and historic character. Submissions are judged on attention to the quality of design, architecture, workmanship, and materials, as well as the positive impact on the surrounding neighborhood and community.

The nominations will be evaluated by a jury comprised of two Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commissioners, two members of American Institute of Architects Minneapolis, and two board members from Preserve Minneapolis review nominations.

The 22nd Annual Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Awards will be held on Thursday, May 16th, 2012, 11:30 a.m., at International Market Square, 275 Market Street, Room 185, Minneapolis.


The deadline for nominations is Friday, April 5th, 2013 at 4:00pm. 

Electronic nomination forms and more details are available at the AIA Minnesota website:

Self-nominations are encouraged.

Nominations are solicited in the following categories:

Historic Restoration, Rehabilitation, or Adaptive Reuse Project: Projects in which an existing place, property, building, or landscape was either returned to its original character in a manner that is respectful to the property’s historic past, or transformed and reinvented to incorporate both new and old elements in a way that that is respectful of, but different from, the form of the past.

New Addition to a Historic Building: Projects involving an addition to an existing place, property, building, or landscape in a manner that is respectful to the property’s historic past.

New Construction within a Historic District: Projects consisting of a new building or landscape added into one of the city’s existing heritage preservation districts. Projects will be judged based on how well the new project fits into the historic context as well as the quality of design, architecture, workmanship, and materials.

Single Family Residential Award: This category is intended to recognize and celebrate the hard work and serious efforts of any individual or team who has made a positive contribution to preserving, restoring, or rehabilitating a single family home anywhere in Minneapolis. Nominations can be for a noteworthy property owner, contractor, architect, real estate professional, or anyone else who played a pivot role in saving and caring for a particular old house somewhere in Minneapolis

Recent Past Award: Projects that restore, reuse, or add to a place, property, building, or landscape that originates from (approximately) the last 50 years. The Recent Past Award is designed to promote education and awareness of the materials, design techniques, and planning principles from the second half of the twentieth century.

Community Education & Advocacy: Projects that have made an overall contribution to preservation in Minneapolis beyond the physical construction or reconstruction of a building or landscape. This category is to recognize organizations and their preservation-related education and outreach projects.

Good Luck and Good Fortune: Projects just getting started that have already committed to a specific preservation challenge in Minneapolis. This category is meant to encourage bold projects, draw attention to their high-minded purpose, and lend support through wider community knowledge of and participation in the project.

The Steve Murray Award: The Steve Murray Award is considered the top individual honor for preservation in Minneapolis. It is awarded to an individual who has displayed leadership, courage, and dedication to heritage preservation in Minneapolis in the last year or over the course of his or her career or lifetime.

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