Eleven Accreditation Criteria

The National Trust Main Street Center (NTMSC) accreditation process evaluates and provides national recognition to established Main Street district revitalization programs based on ten basic performance criteria. The following points should act as a roadmap for your program and provide targets for better, more effective performance:

Widespread support: The program enjoys broad-based community support for the Main Street district revitalization process including strong support from both the public and private sectors.

Vision and mission statements: The program provides vision and mission statements that address current local conditions and the Main Street program’s organization goals.

Comprehensive work plan: The program follows a comprehensive work plan that outlines measurable program objectives, specific activities for each of the four core Main Street principles, timelines, budgets and personnel responsibilities. The work plan is formally reviewed and updated annually.

Historic preservation: The program demonstrates a commitment to historic preservation as a key to social and economic revitalization in the community. The program builds public awareness of local historic buildings, and implements a plan to effectively preserve and manage these assets, including through restoration, renovation and reuse. The program also encourages good urban design, development and land-use policies.

Active board of directors and committees: The program has an active governing board and well-managed committees dedicated to each of the four Main Street principles. Both the board and the committees have regular meetings to address work plans and other important issues within the program.

Budget: The program maintains an adequate and responsible operating budget specifically dedicated to revitalizing the Main Street district. The budget allows for staff salary and benefits, training and other development-related expenses, as well as the program’s primary goals.

Paid, professional staff: The program employs paid staff, including a full-time, trained program manager to oversee and coordinate all program activities. The program has implemented staff management policies and provides written job descriptions for each position.

Training for staff and volunteers: The program provides ongoing training for staff and volunteers, and takes advantage of training provided through Minnesota Main Street and NTMSC.

Reports key statistics: The program submits timely and thorough reports on its progress as required by Minnesota Main Street and NTMSC.

Membership: The program is a current member of Minnesota Main Street and the National Main Street Network.

Designated Minnesota Main Street programs must meet all eleven of these criteria in order to receive and maintain their status as an accredited national Main Street program.

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