Helping Businesses Take Advantage of Events

It’s a pretty typical response from a business – especially one with many regular customers – that they’re not excited about a big festival or event being planned for their street.  And that they may even close their business during the event.

Businesses closing during major festivals or events is such a common issue for organizers of events that the National Main Street Center did an article suggesting ways for businesses to benefit more from events.

The Cash Register didn’t “Ring”

Big events like parades or large festivals usually don’t result in customers during the event or even the day of the event for the businesses in the immediate vicinity. And that’s okay.  That’s not their purpose.  The purpose of those types of large events is to bring people to the area who do not normally go there – and to give exposure of those great businesses to those “new” people.

The trick is not to figure out how to get them to make a purchase that day (when their top priority is watching a parade, eating ribs, gawking at classic cars, etc.) but to figure out who they are and how to get them to come back to the businesses on a future trip.

Is there a way that the businesses could get  more people to follow their Facebook page or sign up for email updates during the event?

What are the concerns of the businesses about the event?  How can those concerns be addressed? Do they have full information about the event (such as road closures, busy times, demographics, clean-up plans) or are they making assumptions?

Like most things Main Street, the first step is starting a conversation with the business owner / manager and listening to them.

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