Disaster Management

Disasters are momentous occasions in history that have huge impacts on communities and the built environment. In order to minimize damage, it is important to create plans and actions in times of challenge. We have compiled a list or resources for individuals and organizations to begin a preparation plan.


Disaster Plan Management


Tips for cultural institutions.  What you need to know before, during and after an emergency.

Natural Disasters: Preparedness, Planning and Response

Bringing a historic structure that has been ravaged by a natural disaster back to life requires information and resources that are not always top-of-mind for home or business owners. Over the years, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and our partners have compiled a wide variety of documentation designed to help plan and prepare in the unfortunate event that disaster strikes.

Responding to Floods

Common and devastating, floods pose unique challenges to communities and property owners.  This site is designed to help those groups bounce back from flooding events and help prepare themselves for future occurrences.


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