Historic Sites and Museums

Minnesota is home to countless historic sites and museums. A commonly used definition of a historic site is an official location where pieces of political, military or social history have been preserved. Historic sites are usually protected by law, and many have recognized with the official national historic site status. A historic site is any building, landscape, site, or structure that is of local, regional, or national significance. The Minnesota Historical Society maintains a list of over thirty of Minnesota’s interesting Historic Sites, including but not limited to the Alexander Ramsey House, Jeffers Petroglyph, and the Lindbergh House.
While the Minnesota Historical Society manages and maintains many of the State’s historic resources, the following links connect to other historic sites across the state.
Ard Godfrey House, Minneapolis
Hubbard House, Mankato
Landmark Center, Saint Paul
Purcell-Cutts House, Minneapolis

Visit soon and visit often!



Museums are great places for educational and entertaining experiences. These institution are devoted to the procurement, care, study, and display of objects of lasting interest or valueMuseums are located all over the state and vary in subject from history to transportation. Below you will find a list of Minnesota museums, many of which you have already visited, and many of which might peak your interest!

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