LISC Duluth: We’ve Updated the At Home in Duluth Neighborhood Revitalization Plans!

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Newly updated and revised Neighborhood Revitalization Plans for the At Home in Duluth neighborhoods of Lincoln Park, Hillside, West Duluth and Morgan Park are now available on our website! The updated plans review accomplishments and progress since 2007 and set the stage for the next three years.

The plans follow LISC’s Building Sustainable Communities Initiative which is designed to achieve five goals:

  • to develop, preserve and invest in housing and other real estate;
  • to increase family income and wealth;
  • to stimulate economic activity;
  • to improve access to quality education; and
  • to foster livable, safe, and healthy environments.

We implement this strategy through the At Home in Duluth Collaborative, 24 neighborhood, non-profit and public sectors working together in the Morgan Park, West Duluth, Lincoln Park and the Hillside neighborhoods. The revised and updated Neighborhood Revitalization Plans will serve as blueprints for developers, residents and the City to tackle projects that have been designated as high priorities through an extensive public process.

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