Tell Congress to Support Historic Preservation

Although PAM  focuses on Minnesota’s preservation community as often as possible, it goes without saying that federal legislation can do wonderful things to promote historic buildings and communities. Unfortunately, sometimes bills in Washington can turn back the clock on the progress we, as a community of preservationists, have made. As was previously reported, the federal transportation bills could seriously damage preservation efforts in Minnesota and across the US. But it doesn’t need to happen. You can help. Here’s the National Trust for Historic Preservation on how:

Dear friend of preservation,

Not long ago we shared with you our concern over threats to one of our nation’s most powerful economic development tools: the federal historic tax credit. Now we need your help in securing its future.

As a supporter of the federal historic tax credit, we thought you’d enjoy some recent news that shows how preservation creates prosperity — even in our sluggish economy. Here are a couple recently completed projects that are enriching their communities:

Washington D.C.’s Howard Theatre Returns to the Stage — After a thirty-year period of vacancy and neglect, a 1910 theatre that launched the careers of Ella Fitzgerald and Marvin Gaye has made a stunning comeback. A $29 million historic rehabilitation, including federal historic tax credits, enabled the transformation of the theatre and will give what was once dubbed “DC’s meanest corner” an important source of jobs, revenue and pride.

Kansas City’s Historic Hotel Project Transforms Urban Blight — A historic hotel that had been abandoned for more than ten years and was a den for drug use and vagrancy has been converted into 40 apartments for senior citizens, with the help of the federal historic tax credit. Following a $9.4 million rehabilitation, this building — which had been one of the city’s most dangerous — is safe, attractive housing, a symbol of the Broadway corridor’s rebirth and a catalyst for additional development.

There’s no question that these inspiring projects provide a host of benefits and that the federal historic tax credit was key to their success. Join us in working to ensure the federal historic tax credit continues to catalyze these transformative projects. Please take a moment to send a quick email to your U.S. representative, urging his/her support of legislation that would create jobs and promote vibrant communities.

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