Mapping History

For all you GIS and ArcMap aficionados out there, I’ve recently heard about RuskinArc, a new tool specifically tailored to live mapping historic properties. All of the basics of the software (how it works, practical applications, etc.) are laid out here. I haven’t tried it yet, but on the surface I’m certainly intrigued.

There does seem to be some limitation in terms of how many properties you can do, which can increase the cost. However, it looks like it could be a great tool for small scale architectural surveys, and beneficial for local entities like CLGs, Main Street programs, and HPCs. The most attractive thing to me is the visual representation produced, and how it makes all the data taken in an architectural survey more palatable to the public. I’ll do my best to make a trial run and report the results – if anyone else tries it we’d love to hear how it works!

– Kate Scott

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Kate worked to survey historic properties in Indiana and serves as our stalwart Communications Committee Chair. She works as an architectural historian and moonlights as an architectural photographer.

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