Looking for Suggestions

May 5, 2012

Dear Colleague:

We wonder if you could take a moment to help us identify some key historic properties in your community that might be available for renovation and adaptive reuse.

Our firms have been retained by the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota (PAM) to conduct a feasibility analysis for their real estate program to encourage the preservation and adaptive reuse of historic properties throughout the state. As part of our study, we would like to develop a list identifying as many properties as possible that:

  1. Have some cultural, historical or architectural significance to their home community (they need not be currently listed on any historical register); and
  2. Are currently available or will likely shortly be available for renovation and reuse

We are especially interested in any properties in the following 6 categories:

  1.  Historic homes
  2. Schools
  3. Public Buildings – libraries, community centers, etc.
  4. Manufacturing/Industrial Buildings
  5. Special Purpose Buildings: depots, theaters, etc.
  6. Commercial Properties

As a professional involved in real estate development, we bet you might know of such buildings! If so, please send a reply no later than May 18th to Margaret Lund lundsteller@iphouse.com with your ideas and as much information as you know about the property (location, former use, current ownership status etc.). Even if you don’t know much about the building, this will help us begin to inventory these sites. With your assistance, PAM can keep developing more and better resources to help every community in Minnesota preserve and celebrate its unique sense of place.

Thanks very much for your help,

Candace Campbell, CDC Associates, St. Paul, MN (612) 860-4384
Margaret Lund, Co-Opera, Minneapolis, MN (612) 750-1431

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