Got Ideas? The Minnesota Idea Open Wants Them

Excerpt from a feature by Holly Dolezalek

The theme for this year’s Challenge is “Working Together Across Cultures and Faiths.” It was chosen because the sponsors believe that as Minnesota becomes less white and Lutheran and more everything else all the time, understanding between people of different faiths and backgrounds becomes more critical. “For example, 17 percent of the state’s population is made up of people of color now, compared to 1 percent in 1960,” says Naomi Pesky, director of marketing and communications for the Minnesota Community Foundation. “We’ve got a lot to lose by not reaching out to people of other faiths and cultures, not least our competitiveness in the global marketplace.”

Any individual in Minnesota has until March 23 to propose an idea (online or by phone, e-mail, or snail mail) to help address these issues. Judges selected by the Open’s organizers will then decide on the best five ideas, and between May 15 and May 25 anyone in Minnesota can vote  to choose the top three. The winners will be announced May 26 through June 8.

Read Holly’s full feature here.

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