Video: PAM, Social Networking and the Historic Tax Credit

Last fall, PAM helped sponsor Minnesota’s 31st Annual Historic Preservation Conference in Faribault. In addition to discussions on the revitalization of downtown Faribault, the economic benefits of preservation, and the importance of saving mid-century¬†architecture, a couple PAM employees spoke on issues related to their work with the alliance.

Will O’Keefe, PAM’s communication and programs coordinator, served as a panelist for the conference’s social networking talk, “Social Networking 101: Does Facebook Have A Place In Preservation?” Will, along with the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office’s Joe Hoover and Eli Pousson of Baltimore Heritage, spoke to the advantages of using social networking tools to connect with members and communities, which in turn helps build volunteer and donor bases. As a small organization committed to the entire state of Minnesota, PAM relies on Facebook and Twitter to alert the public to the successes of the alliance, as well as sound the alarm when important properties are threatened. All three speakers can be heard here, but Will’s speech is highlighted below.

A second panel — this one focused on Minnesota’s State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit program — featured Bonnie McDonald, PAM’s executive director. Bonnie spent years fighting for the passage of this tax credit, which was finally signed into law in 2010. Although video from the session is not currently available, this press event for the State Historic Preservation Office’s economic impact analysis of the tax credit explains the wide-reaching benefits on reinvesting in historic properties. Shout out to Bonnie at the 1:30 mark.

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