I am a Historic Preservationist

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I am a Historic Preservationist.

I love historic buildings, districts, landscapes, historic bridges, comprehensive planning,  sidewalks, rehabilitation, revitalization of downtown, small and local businesses, proper infill, kitschy roadside  Americana, blue highways, heritage tourism, National Parks, open space, maps, coffee and flamingos.

I will wade barefoot through flooded roads to get to the historic bridges.

I define myself as a historic preservationist and I’m proud of it. 

How do you define your profession?

Architectural Historian? Historian? Heritage preservationist? Heritage conservationist? Other?

And why?

Does it make a difference to you?

Please explain. I’m curious.

Kaitlin O’Shea, the writer and founder of Preservation in Pink, holds a B.A. & M.S. in Historic Preservation, and works in Vermont as a Historic Preservation Specialist. She enjoys historic houses, roadside America, a good debate over preservation law and a strong cup of coffee. 

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