Historic Bridge Awareness Month

Slideshow: Historic Bridges from Black Box Images

November is Historic Bridge Awareness Month. Although I’m not prepared enough to do bridge profiles every week (we’ll save that for next year), I’m going to call out some of the great historic bridge inventories and management plans that many states have: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, MinnesotaNew Jersey, New York, and Oklahoma. These are just a few of the more recent ones; nearly every state has some sort of historic bridge registry.

Old bridges are great. Many possess a great deal of character and craftsmanship, and most bridges tell a story of transportation and development. Plus, as someone who has no capacity to understand engineering I find these structures fascinating. You’ll notice from the Big Bridge Slideshow above that I’m compelled to take pictures of bridges wherever I go.
In areas where low clearance, width, and weight restrictions are unreasonable, historic bridges have little chance. But  historic bridges can be wonderfully reused. They make for ideal crossings on pedestrian and bike trails and in parks. I bet some older bridges world work nicely for cart paths on golf courses. Maybe even as crossings at ATV and moto parks? (Just trying to think outside the box.) And while its not preferable to move a historic structure, this is more desirable than demolition. I do believe historic bridges have a place in the modern world…and so should you!

Kate Scott
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Kate is working to survey historic properties in Indiana and serves as our stalwart Communications Committee Chair. She works on advocacy and non-profit preservation projects whenever possible and moonlights as an architectural photographer.

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