Staples Batcher Block Opera House Bid Extension

MULTI FUNCTIONAL BUILDING! Great Opportunity for Retail Space, Businesses, Developers, Non-Profit Organizations, Art/Music Studios, Nursing Homes, Housing Facilities and More…

New Owners may continue restoration with the National Historical Register for Historical Grants/Tax Credit opportunities or the Property can be converted outside the Register.

AUCTION MANNER OF SALE: Sealed bids will be accepted by Maas Companies. Sealed Bid offers must be accompanied by a first non-refundable deposit of $20,000 along with a fully completed and notarized Bidder Kit. Bids must be delivered via traceable courier to:

Maas Companies Inc
6923 10th Ave. SW
Rochester, MN 55902
(507) 285-1444

All bids are subject to Seller’s acceptance. At no time may Bidders revoke their Sealed Bid Offers; deposit monies will be returned to non-winning bidders. The Sealed Bid Auction process is binding and offers are non-revocable. Buyers should request and thoroughly review all documents prior to submitting a sealed bid offer.

For more information, see the Maas Companies website.

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