Preservation Incentive: Building Permit Fee Refund

The state of Colorado does a pretty great job of preservation…Colorado Preservation, Inc.runs several successful statewide programs, including the Share in the Care Campaign. Preservation works in Colorado largely because of the participation and cooperation of municipalities. The city of Greeley has a very active historic preservation office, and they offer a unique preservation incentive that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Historically designated properties (or contributing properties in an historic district) that complete approved work can get a refund on the building permit fee. The city doesn’t confuse things with a lot of convoluted processes and planner-speak, but lays out everything in a short four-page document (easy flow chart included!). Financial incentives for preservation are always a plus, and I think that this is a great way for the city to support preservation and build good faith among its citizens. Hats off to Greeley! I hope this catches on in other cities…

Kate Scott
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Kate is working to survey historic properties in Indiana and serves as our stalwart Communications Committee Chair. She works on advocacy and non-profit preservation projects whenever possible and moonlight as an architectural photographer.

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