Preservation Petting Zoo

As preservationists we sometimes have to take what we can get. One such scenario is when the options are to dismantle the building and move it, or lose it. Relocating a historic resource severely affects its integrity…once removed from its context a certain amount of understanding about the property is lost. So when a good Samaritan appears offering to relocate a historic property, is it really preservation? What if a property is just one of many, of different time periods and styles, that have been plopped onto a new site? Do we take this as a better-than-nothing win, or has the integrity of the building been too altered? What do you think of “preservation petting zoos”?

Kate Scott
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Kate is working to survey historic properties in Indiana and serves as our stalwart Communications Committee Chair. She works on advocacy and non-profit preservation projects whenever possible and moonlight as an architectural photographer.

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