Numerology and the Minnesota Preservation Awards

Base Camp After Exterior_NW

If you were a numerologist, you might think this year’s Minnesota Preservation Awards ceremony was meant to be—an alignment of circumstances that can only point to destiny.  Here are the numbers: this year is the 27th annual Minnesota Preservation Awards, touring around 28 buildings at the Fort Snelling Upper Post, being held on the 29th of September, celebrating the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota’s 30th Anniversary.  See??  Destiny!  Okay, I may be reading too much into the numbers, but I can assure you that you are destined to have a great time when you come to this year’s Awards ceremony / anniversary celebration / sneak peek tour.

I’m sure there are some skeptics out there among our fine membership asking just WHY you should go to the event.  Just for you, I’ve put together the “TOP SIX REASONS TO ATTEND THE MINNESOTA PRESERVATION AWARDS.”  (Go ahead and insert that big announcer-like voice as you read through if it increases the drama for you.)


6)      S’more cupcakes.  The event is at the Boy Scout Base Camp.  It wouldn’t be a scouting outing if there weren’t s’mores involved. We are gonna’ hook you up with some chocolate marshmallowy goodness.  It’s all the fun of a campfire without the smoke and bugs.

5)   A new kind of food and wine experience.  Local catering dynamos Chowgirls are providing a plethora of grubbin’ hors d’oeuvres and a special mock-tail for the event.  PLUS, a new feature this year—the Wine and Restaurant Walls.  $20 buys you a guarantee for a bottle of wine or a restaurant gift card; the fun is that you won’t know if you’re getting the Two Buck Chuck or the $50 Merlot.  It’s a game of chance—or, maybe it’s destiny…

4)   Go PAM, it’s your birthday.  Yes, September 29th is the actual 30th anniversary of PAM’s incorporation.  It was a different time back in 1981—not just the feathered hair, but we were losing  historic buildings rapidly calling for a new nonprofit that would become Minnesota’s advocacy and education voice for historic places.  Come to hear about our successes as we enter a new era for PAM.

Base Camp After Interior_West

3)  You’ll be amazed at the site, Scout’s honor!  This year’s event location is the Boy Scout Base Camp, a creative adaptive reuse project that will blow your merit badges off.  The Northern Star Council of the Boy Scouts of America opened the first successful reuse of a Fort Snelling Upper Post vacant building.  A climbing wall, rope course, indoor archery and a fire pit (yes, inside the building).

2)  Cheer 15 amazing preservation success stories.  PAM’s annual Awards are a chance to celebrate the good work happening statewide to protect and reuse historic places.  This year’s mix includes 15 stories that will inspire you in your own preservation work.

And the #1 reason to buy your tickets today for the Minnesota Preservation Awards ceremony on Thursday, September 29th

Fort Snelling Upper Post | Minneapolis, MN

Courtesy of Pete Sieger

1)      Tours of the Fort Snelling Upper Post.  We’ve all lamented the boarded historic buildings at the Upper Post as we drive to and from the airport.  Board a bus for a guided tour of the Upper Post to learn about the new Village of Fort Snelling concept, a plan combining adaptive reuse and new construction to revitalize this National Historic Landmark.

Can we fit any more fun into one event??  I don’t think so.  Buy your tickets RIGHT NOW or miss a chance at a destiny.  Yes, I mean right now…this moment…you just need to click here.  Did you click it?  It was back there, where it said “click here.”  Oh, you want to know how much the tickets cost?  Sure–$50 for PAM members and $60 for nonmembers.  And if you buy in the next 10 minutes, I’ll throw in a free set of steak knives…not really, but I’ll definitely promise to thank you at the event.  See you there!

Take care,

Bonnie McDonald
Executive Director

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