An update from “Saving Minnesota – 10 Buildings at a Time”

The University of Minnesota has started its Fall Session and among the course this year is a course entitled “Saving Minnesota – 10 Buildings at a Time.” The course is a Studio Design Workshop that will address research, analysis and create reuse options for the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota’s 10 Most Endangered List of 2011. The course seemed to hit the right note. The class registration filled the first week with a waiting list of 13 students.

The first week of classes is complete. The students have been given an introduction to PAM and the 10 Most Endangered List by Erin Hanafin-Berg. They will now be selecting the structure they wish to address and begin to unleash and express their creative talents towards reuse. Stay tuned for updates and results as the course moves along.

I am excited to see where they take this effort.

Michael Bjornberg

Michael is an architect with HGA Architects and Engineers in Minneapolis, as well as a PAM Board Member, and the professor for this course at the University of Minnesota.

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