Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Facility

Fergus Falls RTC TowerGarden

This is a pretty unique piece of real estate up for sale. We don’t often get to promote something like this, if you’d like more information go to www.fergusfallsrtc.com

Once in a while a great development opportunity comes available allowing you to impact the lives of many and to create an enduring dream. The City of Fergus Falls is seeking private party proposals for the redevelopment of all or a portion of the four parcels offered under this RFP through renovation of existing facilities, new construction or a combination. Register for an RFP package and show us your vision for what this amazing property could become.

Property Overview

The amazing 19th century Fergus Falls RTC is a unique landmark in the city of Fergus Falls. Settled amongst gorgeous rolling hills, the historic Fergus Falls RTC is one of the area’s most notable real estate icons. It served for many years as a state hospital, at one time housing upwards of 2,000 patients. The Kirkbride-style main building features curved wings with natural light and windows in every room and the center building serves as the administrative area of the complex including kitchens, offices, reception areas, visiting rooms, and staff apartments. Now this incredible estate is available for redevelopment.


Construction began in 1888 with the west detached ward, the main complex was completed in 1899, with the center section finished in 1907. Constructed with elements of Roman Renaissance and Gothic influence, it is built in the shape of a semi-circle, 1600 feet in length. Its cream colored brick was manufactured in nearby Pelican Rapids. The eight-story tower, described as somewhat Beaux Arts Classical, was never intended for use, but was the culmination of an architectural statement and was to serve as a landmark within the city.

From 1891 to 1969, the Fergus Falls State Hospital was a self-contained community. It consisted of a 637 acre farm which included orchards, pasture, dairy and horse barns, 35 acres of gardens and 650 tillable acres. The Fergus Falls RTC was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

Property Highlights

  • 2 miles from Fergus Falls city center (pop 13,000)
  • Mature tree acreage
  • 618,974 total square feet
    (15 separate buildings)
  • Mixed-use zoning possible
  • Four (4) available tracts
  • 950+ existing rooms

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