Minnesota Main Street Makeover!

Welcome to the new online home of Minnesota Main Street! We’re excited to unveil our fancy new website together with our parent organization, Preservation Alliance of Minnesota. We think the new layout will be a lot easier to navigate than the Byzantine mess of nooks and crannies that our old website became …. but to make the transition as smooth as possible, here’s a quick tour of the new digs.

You might notice a bit of a difference at the top of your screen… no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, that’s PAM’s new color scheme. Everything you see in the new green and orange is something to do with PAM. Since Minnesota Main Street is a program of PAM, our pages are hosted on their website, so if you want to make your way to another PAM page, you can always use the green and orange navigation bar at the very top of your screen. For everything else related to Main Street, we’ve kept our tried-and-true fan favorite logo paired with that lovely Tuscan red. So click around with reckless abandon, but just remember:

red = Main Street

green + orange = PAM

We’ve restructured our pages a bit to make things easier to find. All of the information on the site is organized into six categories, all located in the middle of your screen, just below the big picture slider (did we mention we got a new picture slider?). Click on About Main Street, and you’ll be able to read all about the Main Street approach, the history of our program and past stats from Designated Main Street Programs. In Communities, you’ll find the list of current Designated and Associate Members, as well as links to our members-only area and new member application information. News is the section you’re currently in, and is the place to go for the latest Main Street updates. If you’re looking at a big blank spot on your calendar, try our Events page, which will provide details for all upcoming training sessions, seminars, tours, and other Main Street events. Services and Documents is home to Main Street handbooks and other downloadable documents, as well as a description of the services and benefits Minnesota Main Street provides for its members. Finally, our Links page will whisk you away to all sorts of useful Main Street- related websites that are bound to thrill and enlighten even the most experienced Main Street veteran.

Our Twitter feed (@MNMainStreet) also has a new home on our main page, along with links to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. If you’re not following us yet, then get with the times already and hit those buttons at the lower right of your screen!

So that’s it for our tour…. we hope you like what you see! We’re still getting used to the new site just as much as you are, and we’ll keep adding to it and tweaking it to make it better. In the meantime, gather the family around, dim the lights, and start exploring our new internet home!

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