Pillsbury “A” Mill (Minneapolis)

As a paragon of the American flour industry, Pillsbury “A” Mill helped to establish the City of Minneapolis as the prosperous Mill City in the late nineteenth century. The mill complex is made up of eight buildings, including warehouses, grain elevators, and machine shops, and also includes a rail corridor and tunnels for channeling river water to power the milling machinery. Most of the mills that once lined the river have disappeared or been converted to new uses. The Pillsbury “A” Mill, however, has sat unoccupied for years, awaiting rebirth. An ambitious redevelopment plan fell victim to the collapsing economy, and the complex was foreclosed upon in November. Now in the hands of a coalition of banks, the individual parcels of this complex are more likely to be sold off individually, which might jeopardize the rehab potential of the historic buildings, result in less sympathetic new construction, and ultimately diminish a golden opportunity.

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