Sickler-Newman-Seifert House (Excelsior)

Believed to date from the 1870s, the Greek Revival-inspired Sickler-Newman-Seifert House is associated with three long-time Excelsior families. Each family’s occupancy altered the interior or exterior appearance of the home, which was designated a historic site by the Excelsior Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) in 1981. After several generations of residential use, the house was purchased by a commercial developer in 2004. Four years later, the Excelsior HPC denied a proposal to demolish the house and clear the site. The property has since gone back on the market, but the house suffered severe neglect during the years of intended demolition. While the idea of adaptive reuse has been promoted by the HPC and is supported by the community, viable proposals have yet to materialize. As it stands, the property is still listed for sale as a commercial building lot.

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