Mitchell Yards (Hibbing)

The Mitchell Engine House and Machine Shop, the one extant structure at the former Mitchell Yards, was constructed in 1906 by the Duluth Missabe and Northern Railroad just a few miles northeast of Hibbing. The yards served as staging grounds for the train cars loaded with ore from the Hull-Rust-Mahoning mine (now a National Historic Landmark) and others like it from across the Iron Range.  The engine house buzzed with activity 24/7, as up to nine steam locomotives at a time were serviced and prepared for moving the ore to the ports of Lake Superior. Because of its vital role, Mitchell Yards was hailed as a significant component in winning two world wars. Due to slowed production of steel, Mitchell Yards closed in the 1960s and the massive brick building quickly deteriorated. Five years ago, one concerned local resident took it upon himself to purchase the property. Since then, he has dedicated his time, money, and sweat towards cleaning up and preserving the site. The owner now needs outside financial support to stabilize the building and realize his vision of reusing the engine house as a metal arts workshop and center for interpreting the history of the Iron Range.

For more information about Mitchell Yards and to read the owner’s preservation story, click.

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