Minnesota State Capitol (Saint Paul)

The Minnesota State Capitol building is very much in the public eye, as the home to the primary governing body of Minnesota, and as a collective gathering point for rallies, protests, and ceremonies of state. It may come as a surprise that this historic structure is in desperate need of repair. Designed by the famed architect, Cass Gilbert, in 1895, this Beaux-Arts-inspired structure with its massive self-supported dome was completed in 1905. In near-constant use since that time, the interior and exterior damages have been addressed by temporary fixes, which merely defer structural issues. In 2010, the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board conducted a study to assess the threats to the integrity of the building and found dozens of instances of cracked masonry which allowed large amounts of water to leak into the building. The Planning Board hopes to gain support for this preservation project, but is having trouble convincing the building’s occupants (state lawmakers) to invest funds when the state faces a $5 billion deficit.

To learn more about the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board, visit  http://www.caapb.state.mn.us

For more information about the Cass Gilbert Society’s work and archival information, visit:


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