We’re trying to save Porky’s…

Courtesy of Katherine Scott, Black Box Images

It’s not every day that I get to write the words “Save the Pig”, but today was my lucky day.

We like so many others were disappointed to hear that the owners of Porky’s in Saint Paul were planning on closing their business after so many years as an integral piece of Saint Paul’s history.

While that day must come for all restaurants, we were truly devastated to see the signs that the owners intended to auction off to the highest bidder the historic fabric that makes Porky’s.

Which is why we are attempting to raise the funds necessary to purchase as many pieces of significance as we can. Because it’s an auction format, we have no way of knowing what each piece will end up selling for. Whether it’s the whole pig, the “Dine In Your Car”, or anything else. We want to do our best to preserve one of the last remaining vestiges of America’s car culture.

**If we are unable to raise enough funds to purchase items of significance from Porky’s, we will treat your gift as a donation to support the work of our 10 Most Endangered program. A worthy cause in and of itself.


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