Kawishiwi Lab (near Ely)

The Kawishiwi Field Laboratory site was established in 1910 for the Superior National Forest Half Way Ranger District. Over the years, the site has served as a base for a variety of research organizations who have studied subjects such as water and air quality, forest ecology, and mammalian wildlife. The US Forest Service took over management in 1974 and operated the site as part of the Northern Research Station (NRS). The NRS, however, is not interested in maintaining the buildings for research purposes, and has studied disposition alternatives—including demolition—for the eleven historic structures on the forested site. Recently, the NRS director announced that the intended demolition would be postponed in order to give concerned groups a chance to find a viable reuse. Hopefully, this time will be used to garner support for funding the needed rehabilitation and deferred maintenance, and that a reuse proposal will emerge that capitalizes on these historic log structures and their wilderness setting.

To read background information on the disposition process and updates on the Kawishiwi Lab, visit Save Our Sky Blue Waters.

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