Jackson Street Water Tower (Elk River)

In 1920, the City of Elk River carried out a complex waterworks project for the rapidly growing community, which included digging a 300 foot artesian well, developing a system of waterlines to hydrants throughout the city, and constructing a pump house. The Jackson Street Water Tower stands just north of Hwy 10 as an icon for this significant engineering achievement. The water tower, which has not been in use for several years, is currently owned by the Elk River Utilities Commission. In 2008, the Utilities Commission announced its plans to tear down the tower. The Elk River Heritage Preservation Commission directly opposed the plans and began the process of nominating the water tower to the National Register of Historic Places, with the hope that designation would provide access to grant funds for maintenance and rehabilitation. In the meantime, the responsibility of maintenance still sits with the Utilities Commission, which views the tower as a financial burden.

City of Elk River Heritage Preservation Commission

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