Anderson House (Wabasha)

Up until the Anderson House closed in 2009, it was the longest operating inn in the state. The hotel was built in 1856, when Wabasha was a bustling river town along the banks of the Mississippi, and served the city as a local meeting spot for dining and community interaction. The Anderson House passed out of family hands for the first time in 2004, and the deteriorating economy, as well as less frequent travelers, resulted in the hotel’s closure in early 2009. The Anderson House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, both as an individual property and as a contributing property to Wabasha’s commercial historic district. Last year, the Wabasha Port Authority and Heritage Preservation Commission, with the support of the City Council, commissioned a reuse study for the building, with the hope of breathing new life into the landmark as well as downtown Wabasha. Mixed-use tenants, such as a restaurant and condominiums, or a city-owned restaurant/hotel, still seem to be viable ideas. The city is actively seeking investors for these creative projects.

To find out more about the local efforts and to see the reuse report, visit:

Photo courtesy of Wabasha HPC

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