Alcoa Aluminum House

Alcoa Aluminum House
Saint Louis Park

In 1958, this home was advertised as “your Dream House made real”, and showcased the wonders of Aluminum which would make your life “Care Free”. Constructed as part of a project for the Alcoa Aluminum Company, this home stands as a prime example of Mid-century design and style, as well as being a model for marketing and enthusiasm for technological advancements in the post-war period. Due to the recent real estate crisis, the former owners were forced to give up the house, and the structure stood vacant for a number of years, causing it to fall into disrepair. Thanks to the care of a couple who purchased the home just last month, the property and house are undergoing needed repair and renovation. They can now consider it to be their own “Dream House”.

To find out more information about the owners’ process of renovation, visit their blog.

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Photos courtesy of Black Box Images

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