I <3 This Building

If you’re reading this blog, then there’s likely special place in your heart reserved for a historic (with a lowercase “h”) commercial district, whether it’s downtown, Main Street, or your neighborhood shopping area. If these places matter to you, it’s important to support them.

Think about that commercial building that you can tell has been struggling, but you really want to see saved. Does it have apartments in it? A business on the first floor? If it does, then either the business pays rent to the property owner or the business owner also owns the property. Either way, the more profitable the businesses is, the more funds will be available to maintain or (eventually) rehabilitate the building. Shopping at the businesses not because their your favorite business, but because they’re in your favorite building is one easy way to show the buildings you love them.

Becoming a customer of your special building can break the ice if you want to talk with the property owner at some point in the future – say about tax credits, national register, or facade improvement grants.

Romance a building today, become a customer at its first floor business.

Speaking of romance, you can see photos and read stories from the most romantic Main Street contest held by the National Trust Main Street Center.

Emily Northey, Minnesota Main Street Program Coordinator

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