PAM Legislative Priorities–2011

Minnesota’s Historic Preservation Legislative Roundup–2011

This year’s Legislative session is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in recent memory.  The political majority has shifted in both the Executive and Legislative branches simultaneously.  The Capitol halls are filled with new faces as the House of Representatives welcomed 36 new members and the Senate a total of 24; the new mix promises to bring fresh energy and ideas, while also adding the challenge of revised committee assignments and introductions to new staff contacts.  Even more significant is the estimated $6.2 billion budget deficit our State faces this biennium.  The Capitol will be assuredly hectic until this Session is scheduled to end on approximately May 23.

As the advocacy voice for historic preservation at the Capitol, the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota is analyzing how the new environment in which we’re working will impact the significant gains made in preservation policy in 2009-2010.  The Alliance’s annual policy initiatives are guided by our strategic plan developed in 2009 setting forth our legislative priorities.  We are still grateful and amazed that we accomplished the most important of these: passage of the state historic tax credit.  Click here to learn about PAM’s legislative initiatives in 2011 as we return to the Capitol.

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