PAM Runs the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Support your community’s health by supporting your health.
Be a “30 for 30.”

Medtronic TC Marathon turns 30. PAM turns 30. It was meant to be.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of two significant events that may at first seem unrelated: the running of the first Twin Cities Marathon and the founding of the nonprofit Preservation Alliance of Minnesota (PAM). The connection?? But for the Alliance’s advocacy to save irreplaceable historic places in the Twin Cities, the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon may not be called, “The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America.” Running along the famed Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway, the marathon route runs through several historic districts and past nationally and locally significant historic resources preserved and protected through the Alliance’s work.

Are you ready to run for the past?

You run for your health, for the challenge, to cross the finish line. Now, run for a great cause and support PAM’s mission to preserve the historic places that enhance our great quality of life and make the Twin Cities a community you’d run back to every time. We invite 30 runners willing to participate in any of the Medtronic TC Marathon events (Medtronic TC Marathon, 10 Mile, 10K, or 5K) to join Team PAM in celebrating our 30th anniversary. Our “30 for 30” are asked to pledge to raise $30 each from your 30 closest friends to support PAM’s work in our community. All donations are tax-deductible and support the health of your community and your health at the same time.

Make the pledge

You are asked to sign a liability waiver and an additional pledge form making the commitment to raise $900 to directly support PAM’s work. You can raise your pledge from as many donors as needed—heck, keep going and raise more! If you are concerned about making the full pledge, please contact PAM’s Executive Director, Bonnie McDonald, at 651.207.7693 or

How am I going to raise my pledge?

  • We’ve set up a Team PAM: 30 for 30 page on Razoo and it allows you the ability to link your fundraiser in and provides great tools to help in your fundraising efforts.
  • Ask your coworkers, neighbors, family, and friends to support your health, your goals, your run, and your cause. (Besides, don’t you always buy cookies from them?? Turnabout is fair play.)
  • Tell your unbelievably unique and engaging story. Why do you run and why is PAM’s work important to you? Is there an historic place that resonates with you—your home, your workplace, your school, your local coffee shop? Share what is important to you and why preserving this community’s landmarks is important.
  • Ask that your donor pledge $30 or more—(psst…that’s about $1 for every mile for the marathoners, $3 for 10 milers, $5 for the 10K, and $10 for the 5K). If you ask for a specific dollar amount, you’re likely to get more.
  • For your biggest fans, ask that they support you at a higher level. Give them the option of making an additional gift like $1 for each of your training runs or to kick up their donation per race mile by $5.
  • You will be overwhelmed by your community’s generosity. Thank them and share moments in your training journey with them along the way. Make them a part of your success.

What more do I get from this experience than the satisfaction of helping PAM?

  • Let’s get down to brass tacks—it’s all about the gear. You will receive a training tech shirt to flaunt your cause complete with Medtronic TC Marathon and PAM logos.
  • A personal “30 for 30” runner profile page on Razoo to tell your story, upload photos, blog about your runs, and use for fundraising.
  • Opportunity to join in Team PAM training runs.
  • Invitations to special “30 for 30” events like a Team PAM happy hour and pre-race spaghetti dinner.

How do I get my pledge donations to PAM?

  • Online credit card donations can be made directly through the Alliance website at or on your Razoo fundraising page.
  • Cash and check donations (made out to Preservation Alliance of Minnesota) can either be mailed to the Alliance with your name in the memo line or you can collect and send to the Alliance.
  • All donations must be in the Alliance office by Friday, October 14, 2011.
  • You are expected to provide the name, address, and phone or e-mail of each donor so that the Alliance can send him/her donation documentation.
  • Your fundraising progress will be reported on your runner page to celebrate your success.

This sounds great! Where do I sign up?

  • You must sign up for Medtronic TC Marathon events (marathon, 10 mile, 10K, 5K) on your own by going to BE ADVISED: Marathon and 10 mile registration is limited and usually closes in one month. REGISTER EARLY to guaranty your sport as a “30 for 30”.
  • Contact Will O’Keefe at PAM to join the team of “30 for 30” runners. Will can be reached at 651-293-9047 x2 or He will assist you in setting up your runner profile page and discussing your fundraising options.
  • Go to the Team PAM: 30 for 30 page, under the Join This Team header, click “Create a Page” and you are on your way. If you’re looking for examples, take a look at the pages of some of our other runners.
  • Complete the “30 for 30” Pledge Form and Liability Waiver. Fax to (651) 209-9291 or email or you can mail them (we try to provide a lot of options):

Preservation Alliance of Minnesota
416 Landmark Center, 75 W. 5th Street
St. Paul, MN 55102

Tell me more about the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota (PAM) is a statewide, private, nonprofit organization
advocating the preservation of Minnesota’s historic resources. The Alliance was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 1981 by Minnesota citizens concerned about the future of the state’s architectural and cultural landmarks. Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Alliance has grown into a network representing thousands of individuals, businesses and groups throughout Minnesota. Beyond our membership, we collaborate and partner with other citizens, municipalities, organizations and agencies from the national to the local level.

Our Mission
The formal mission of the Alliance is “to preserve, protect, and promote Minnesota’s historic resources.” The Alliance is a growing organization that positions itself at the center of a statewide network of individuals, businesses, and organizations engaging in preservation activity.

The Alliance exists to be a source of information, assistance, and inspiration to those who seek
to preserve every community’s unique sense of place. We work statewide to empower property owners, local governments, and developers with needed financial and policy tools to facilitate historic preservation projects. In 2010, the Alliance was successful in securing passage of the needed Minnesota state historic preservation tax credit and re-launching the local economic development program, Minnesota Main Street. We advocate for the preservation of our existing infrastructure, including housing, transportation networks, commercial centers, parks and open space, as key elements of a successful economic development strategy and sustainability platform.

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