Real Estate Program Intern

Preservation Alliance of Minnesota
Intern Position Description

Internship Title: Real Estate Program Intern
Timeline: Ongoing
Supervisor: Executive Director
Time Commitment:  Variable (min. eight hours per week)

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota seeks a part- or full-time intern to assist with the development of the organization’s real estate program.  Specific features of this program are currently in place, including the Alliance’s preservation Easement Program and State Historic Tax Credit Investment Partnership Program.  Additional features under development include the ability to accept gifts of real estate, enter into purchase options, and capitalize a revolving loan fund.  The Real Estate Intern directly supports the statewide historic preservation nonprofit organization’s ability to achieve its mission by completing a defined project that contributes to the organization’s strategic goal of enhancing tools for historic preservation.

Job Summary: Provide project and administrative support to advance the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota’s real estate program.

Duties and Responsibilities in Areas of Accountability:

Specific Project Duties

  • Participate in the development of the Alliance’s real estate program by participating in meetings of the Real Estate and/or other committees.
  • Conduct necessary research to effectively establish a framework for the successful development and implementation of the real estate program.
  • Assist with the identification of model programs and professionals with needed expertise and/or resources that can guide the development of the real estate program.
  • Promote the real estate program through the creation and distribution of communication materials about your project.

General Internship Project Duties

  • Meet with the Executive Director at the beginning of the internship to define specific project goals, action items, and expected deliverables;
  • Create a work plan to chart necessary activities and deadlines and present this to the Executive Director at the start of internship;
  • Make timely progress toward the completion of your work plan;
  • Provide a weekly report of work plan activities to the Executive Director;
  • Complete a final report about the internship experience to be reviewed at exit interview;

General Administration

  • Record your office schedule on organizational calendar and ensure that it is kept up-to-date with needed changes;
  • Maintain appropriate documentation and computerized back-ups of your project including meetings, contacts made, research, and status and final reports.  Ensure that this information is organized and accessible to the Alliance staff;
  • Limit personal use of Alliance communication devices to only as necessary.  Abuse of this privilege may result in denied access to office phone and internet;


  • Provide requests for needed purchases to the Administrative Assistant in advance of making the purchase for appropriate approval and ordering;
  • Submit parking receipts monthly to the Administrative Assistant for reimbursement;

Resource Development

  • Maintaining accurate and complete records of contacts and provide those to the Administrative Assistant for entry into GiftWorks membership software;
  • Identify to the Executive Director those contacts with the potential to be donors to the organization;

Staff Support

  • Providing timely response to requests from Executive Director and other Alliance staff;
  • Attending and participating in scheduled staff meetings;
  • Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of general office operations;
  • Pleasant, tactful, detail-oriented, knowledgeable in working with stakeholders, staff, and other volunteers;
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others through cross communication, prioritization, and timely and accurate response and delivery;
  • Ability to communicate effectively using a wide variety of media including proper spelling, word choice, and correct grammar usage;
  • Ability to accept direction, seek guidance, work independently, demonstrate initiative, and report results for the effective completion of the internship project;
  • Serve as an ambassador of goodwill for the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota;

Credentials and Experience:

  • Preferably a Bachelor’s degree and one year of clerical and/or customer service experience, although willing to consider upper level undergraduates on a case-by-case basis;
  • General computer skills including familiarity with Microsoft Office programs.  Familiarity with both PC and Macintosh systems and knowledge of HTML code desirable;
  • Interest in a career in historic preservation and to contribute your research toward the growth of the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota.

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